Friday, December 11, 2009


Kneaders, always a good idea.
So I get up this morning and check my cupboards to see what there is for breakfast. My options are slim. I see the box of muffin mix which I got last semester but have never been able to make because I have never purchased the eggs or oil necessary to make them. There is also a box of brown minute rice, some herbal tea and a single serving packet of instant mash potatoes. I don’t even check the fridge because I own nothing that need be refrigerated. Obviously breakfast is not going to happen this morning and packing a lunch isn’t likely either.
Now don’t you fret, I am not poor nor destitute, just not smart enough to keep good food in the house. Whenever I do make it to the grocery store, I come home with bags full of cookies, candy, ice cream, and anything that says “new” on the package. So I try to stay away from grocery stores, as I can’t seem to handle myself when I get around too much sugar.
By the time I am off to work I am feeling pretty hungry... and then I get the brilliant idea to go to kneaders. Why is this a brilliant idea? Well, one of the main reasons I go to Kneaders is for the bread ends and the samples. So get this, I get a bag of bread ends for $2 and while the gal is ringing me up, I proceed to eat as many samples as I can and fill a napkin with a few more. Then of course I buy a cookie for later, because if there are cookies to be had, I must have them! I then take my bag of bread ends to work, where I keep a jar of peanut butter in my desk drawer and lunch is taken care of for the next two weeks. So for $2 plus the cookie, I got a sample breakfast and two weeks worth of lunch!


sarahmichael said...

I don't know how just bread and peanut butter make lunch. Sounds a little like Yuckiness!

Beth said...

Oh Jesse! It sounds like malnutrition to me! PB and bread.... I did laugh about buying anything that says "new" on it. I am always tempted to buy that stuff... you are so cute.