Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Nieces & Nephew

Sweet little Anabelle
AKA: Bellie, B Bowes
She will be turning 6 in November and is in 1st grade this year.
She is very caring to everyone and worried about her family being happy.
She loves to her new baby sister, watching musicals and playing with her uncle Mikey.
She was the first Niece/Grandchild so she got super spoiled with all of our attention.
Crazy Sabrina
Aka: Brina, Sister Sassy
Sabrina will be turning 3 in January
She is very smart, stubborn and learns things very quickly but
she only does what she wants, when she wants.
She loves to color, dance and sing songs all the time.
She is too funny for words!
Baby Luci
Was born September 24
I haven't actually met her yet,
but she is a cutie that looks a lot like her dad and is a good little baby.

Silly Sam (Samuel)
Aka: Sammy, Sammy Sammy
He will be 2 in January
He's so much fun and loves to play, color, dance, climb, run, laugh and loves to be with his aunts, Jessie and Sarah.
This crazy kid will try anything!

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Beth said...

I think all these cute kids are so fun! THANKS for posting JESSE!!
But...... I do think it is time to write another post... don't you Jesse Francom?